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Song Stories

1. HARD RAIN (Mark Houser- Jimmy Bilbrey) This one was on Carrie Hassler’s debut album. I must confess I love the Bob Dylan song Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall. Jimmy suggested the name as the name for Carrie’s band. I said we should write a bluegrass song with that title and maybe they would record it. Ironically driving home from Nashville that night it was raining and the windshield wipers helped set the groove. 
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2. DELILAH (Mark Houser- Reed Nielsen) 
The dark story of a man who in a drunken rage killed his lover and is facing execution and wonders if she can see 
the fate that lies before him. The groove on this one just feels good. Reed Nielsen has written such hits as My 
Town, Little Liza Jane, Kristofferson and I Don’t Call 
Him Daddy among many others and has become a great friend and co-writer.
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3. UNEVEN ROAD (Mark Houser) A positive song that tells us love can conquer the tough times in our life. There will always be ups and downs but there is comfort in love. Tough times build character and as long as love is the vehicle it doesn’t matter what the road surface might be.
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4. I’LL BE ALRIGHT (Mark Houser)   
A positive ballad this one was written just before we went into the studio. I feel blessed to have so many people that support my efforts into this highly volatile field of music. When I wrote this I was watching videos of 
a recent trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons 
and was thinking how lucky I am.
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Sage Brush Msic (BMI)

5. RIVER OF REGRET (Mark Houser- Arlo Gilliam- Carrie Hassler) This upbeat song about regret sprang from a love for old country when bluegrass music was such a part of mainstream country. I brought this to Arlo and then we invited Carrie, who was in Nashville working on a project, to join us. Carrie has recorded three of my songs including Seven Miles From Wichita which spent some time at #1 on Sirius radio  © 2012 Writers In House Music, LLC (BMI) Sage Brush Music (BMI) Slow Town Music  Publishing (BMI)

6. WHEN STANDING UP STOOD FOR SOMETHING (Mark Houser- Mark Conklin) The story of a white southerner at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement, the song’s message is that ultimately the decisions we make are up to each of us. It symbolizes how most southern whites came around, some in a matter of months, some over the course of years, and some over decades. We took the Rosa Parks story 
(1955) and combined it with an intro song (Buses Are A-Comin’) associated with the Freedom Riders (1961) and then mention 
‘We Shall Overcome’ which became a prominent song (1963-1968). This is to symbolize the passing of time. Thanks to Joanne Williams from Sparta, Tennessee for singing on this. The world will be a better place when we all are color blind.
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7. JOHN THE BAPTIST   (Mark Houser- Arlo Gilliam- Kendell Marvel)  A murder mystery this is a story song about a very troubled family of preachers. This song was the brainchild of Arlo Gilliam, who is one of Nashville’s finest bass players in addition to being a great songwriter. Kendell Marvel is one of my dearest friends in the music industry and a great songwriter and I guess I got lucky when the two of them didn’t finish it and Arlo let me work on it.  © 2012 Writers In House Music, LLC (BMI) Sage Brush Music (BMI) Slow Town Music Publishing (BMI)  Bug Music / Marvel Man Music (BMI)

8. REASONS WHY (Mark Houser - 
Jimmy Bilbrey)   A positive love ballad, 
this song was written on a shuttle bus in 
New Hampshire on the way to a Dartmouth College football game to watch my son play. 
It was my goal to write a love song and n
ever mention the word love. I think the sentiment is unmistakable. New Hampshire 
is a beautiful setting for a songwriter.
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Brush Music (BMI)Hickory Chicken Music (BMI) 

9. WISH I OWNED THAT LAND (Mark Houser- Reed Nielsen)  This song was recorded with a different title and lyric and story line. However once the tracks were finished my wife confessed that she hated the lyrics. I sit down one night and rewrote the entire lyrics with this title about a less controversial subject than a woman on death row. Do you ever feel progress is sometimes mislabeled?
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10. THE LITTLE CHILDREN (Mark Houser- Jimmy Bilbrey- Steve Reece)
This song was written by my dear friends
Jimmy Bilbrey and Steve Reese, who was playing rhythm guitar with Carrie Hassler's
Band.  It was recorded by them but never
made it to the record.  The song is a prayer 
for the little children and of course we all are
children of God. 
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11. YOU WERE (Mark Houser- Ben Ward)– A song about a man’s struggle with good and evil. Sometimes we end up far from where we thought we were going. “Life can be a tempest, life can be a war, unpredictable for that’s what living’s for. You make mistakes, you turn around, as long as your heart beats you have a prayer and when I needed someone there …. "You were"
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12. LEAD ME HOME (Mark Houser - Reed Nielsen)
This song moves me. I was so happy to write it with Reed and to have Rhonda 
Vincent to sing on it.  I think the song 
took on a personality of its own when 
Reed and opened up about life's 
lessons.  It was emotional to write 
about repentance and confession and 
the longing find the way to God who
was really right there all along! I love 
Andy Leftwich’s haunting fiddle on this song and the fact my daughter, Hannah, 
sing on this one as well.
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Uneven Road
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