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#1 on Inspirational Country Music Chart- February 2015
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“I'm proud to be part of Mark's project, along with an array of incredible acoustic instrumentalists. Mark sings about nature and the personal encounters of life. Relaxing appeal. True musical therapy.”  Rhonda Vincent, 7-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year, The Wall Street Journal designated her as the “The Queen of Bluegrass.”

Mark, Rhonda Vincent and Rich Herring 

“Houser is the first guy that wrote songs with me. Convinced me I wasn't crazy for believing music was magical. God only knows where I’d be if I hadn’t met Mark.   Curb Records recording artist Rodney Atkins (co-wrote and recorded Houser’s song God Only Knows)
“Mark is one of the best writers that Nashville has to offer and now has proven to be an unbelievable artist as well!!! I have known Mark for several years and had the opportunity to record a few of his songs. Now it’s time for folks to enjoy his incredible talent! I’m so proud of him.”   Rural Rhythm Records recording artist Carrie Hassler
“I have known about Mark for a while through the songwriting community. I had heard great things but it wasn't till we got together in a room that I saw and heard first hand his talents, great lyrics and equally great melodies. He is a joy to write with and an even bigger joy to call a friend.”   Lee Roy of The Roys, Rural Rhythm Records recording artist
Mark and The Roys 

“Mark Houser writes music that helps me see.”   Hippie Jack, Host and Producer of PBS’ Jammin’ at Hippie Jack’s
Hippie Jack and Mark 

“Mark Houser, professionally a great writer and artist; personally, a really great friend” Grand Ole Opry member Jack Greene, three time CMA winner (Recorded Houser’s song Red, White and Blue Christmas and sang it to a standing ovation at the Grand Ole Opry, December 2003)
Jack Greene and Mark

About  the Project
Mark Houser and Bluegrass Drive has recently completed recording the album project Uneven Roadin Nashville.  Mark penned all 12 songs on the project.
 The project was released by Rural Rhythm Records on  
September 11, 2012
The project was co-produced by Houser and Little River Bandguitarist Rich Herring. Playing on the record are Andy Leftwich, fiddle/mandolin; Cody Kilby, guitar/banjo; Barry Bales, upright bass; Scotty Sanders, dobro;Cory Walker, banjo,Rich Herring, guitar and Houser on guitar. The background vocalists include Dawn Sears, Paul Brewster, and Rich Herring, with special guest appearances by Rhonda Vincent, Ashlee Blankenship and Joanne Williams.
Houser is a singer-songwriter who opened Writers In House Music, LLC in 1988 and the business is currently located at 707 18th Avenue in Nashville, Tennessee in the heart of music row. As a songwriter Houser has had over 80 songs recorded for various projects including Seven Miles From Wichita which was a chart success in bluegrass music, including #1 on Sirius Radio for Carrie Hassler & Hard Rain. It was included among the top 25 bluegrass songs of 2007. He also penned the song Hard Rain from which the band got its name.
Those who have recorded Houser written songs include Rodney Atkins, The Roys,  Carrie Hassler, Jack Greene, Russell Hitchcock of pop group Air Supply, country newcomer David Adam Byrnes, The Little River Band, western grasser Jessica Kilroy, among many others.
Lester Flatt
Houser comes by the bluegrass moniker naturally having 'bluegrass blood' on both sides of his family. "On my father's side I am related to Dolly Parton although I have never met her and on my mother's side I am related to Lester Flatt whom I was fortunate enough to meet several times. Lester and my grandma were first cousins and then Lester's brother married my grandpa's sister," Houser said. "I was listening to bluegrass music all of my life and always wanted to make a bluegrass record and now I'm getting the chance!" Houser released a country album in 1988 titled The Big Picture with the title song being included in the motion picture No Justice.     

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